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7 ways to Make Money Podcasting

If you’re a podcaster or are thinking about starting a podcast and are looking for ways to make money podcasting, then this article is for you , because today I’m going to share with you the exact strategies podcasters use to make money with their podcast.
I’m going to share with you some of the best strategies on how to make money podcasting.

Now, before you even try and make money with your podcast there are a few things that you want to make sure are in place.


Make sure that you know who your audience is. When it comes to making money with a podcast, you need to know who you are selling to.

I believe that to sell is to serve. And so you want to know the audience that you’re serving.

     Are you serving people who are interested in financial services?

     Are you serving mums who are busy and need help?

     Are you serving baby boomers with life insurance?

     Who are you serving?

     And how are you serving them?

Understanding this key is Important.

If you’re just doing a podcast with some friends talking about the latest news or something like that, don’t worry, you can still make money.

But when you know exactly the audience that you’re serving and the pain point that they have, it will be easier for you to make money with your show.

When you understand that your podcast can be a marketing machine for you, it’s a way for you to have deeper conversations with the ideal audience that you want to reach.

2. Podcast Distribution

You want to make sure that your podcast is everywhere.

I would suggest getting set up with a site like Buzzsprout where they can distribute your podcast to all of the places that people will listen. to.

7 Ways to Monetize a Podcast in 2022

So let’s break down seven ways on how to make money podcasting.

1. Coaching and consulting.

If you are starting a show and you have expertise in something, you can actually offer people

to get on the phone with you, schedule a calendar, an invite with them, or go directly to a buy button for your coaching and consulting.

I’ve seen podcasts that have this option where they’re actually just filling up their calendar

based on what they’re doing on their show. They’re offering free content, answering questions,

and hitting specific pain points. And then, during the show, at some point, they’re offering some type of an AD where they are allowing people to go deeper with them, whether that’s in the show notes below, or whether that is in the option for them to be able to go to a webpage.

2. Create an Online course.

If you have an online course that you create, you can go deeper with your audience by offering that.

it doesn’t have to be an expensive online course, I’ve seen courses that are $7 up to $7,000.

So there is a range that you can go when it comes to the course content.

3. Partner with affiliates.

What is an affiliate you may ask?

It just means that you’re going to share the products and the services that you love.

And when you do that to your audience and they click on your unique link,

you then get a percentage of the sale in terms of Commission.

You could do something like Amazon affiliates for products such as the recording equipment you’re using.

4. Get brand sponsorships.

Before getting a Brand Sponsorship I want to just encourage you first to grow your brand.

If you’re going to go into partnership with a company, they want to have listeners already there.

It’s really hard to actually partner with a brand when you’re just getting started. You do have to grow influence first before a brand wants to partner with you.

5. Selling physical products or Merch on that podcast

When YouTubers realized AdSense wasn’t a great way to make a living. They resorted to selling merch. They would feature products in their videos and then give their fans a way to purchase them.

6. Offering premium content or exclusive content through a Patreon site.

This just allows for people to go deeper with you as a content creator,

and they can support the work that you are doing.

There are a ton of free videos on YouTube that can help you learn how to really monetize with Patreon.

7. Start a Video Version of your Podcast on YouTube

I want to encourage you that if you’ve already started your podcast and you’re just doing audio

because you want to record it in your pajamas with no makeup or wherever you are, to just flip on a camera as well.

You can just start with your smartphone. You don’t actually need a bunch of gear or tech.

When you start to figure out the YouTube game, you can actually monetize your podcast faster.

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