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How to Buy Bitcoins in Kenya with Mpesa: LocalBitcoin Guide.

So, you are looking for how to buy bitcoin with Mpesa. Great News! In this article , I’ll show you how to buy bitcoins using Mpesa on Localbitcoins .

When buying Bitcoin on LocalBitcoin you’ll be required to have a registered account on the Platform. In this tutorial I’ll teach you on how to register a LocalBitcoin Account then how to Buy Bitcoin via Mpesa.

Before we begin , make sure you have the below requirements needed for LocalBitcoin registration.

  • Identification Documents for KYC verification. Identity Documents can either be National ID or Kenyan Passport.
  • Valid Email Address
  • Working Phone Number

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How to Register A LocalBitcoin Account in Kenya.

Follow the steps Below to get started with LocalBitcoin.

  1. Go to then Click on Sign Up Free Button.

2.Enter your desired Username, Email Address and Strong Password then Click on register Account.

3.Confirm your Email Address by clicking on the link sent to your Email Address.

4.Enter your Profile information which includes: Your First and Last Name, Phone Number,Country of residences and finally your Estimated Trade volume.

Tip: Use your Legal names because you’ll later on be required to submit you ID or Passport for verification

5. SMS verification: Enter the code sent to your phone.

6. Your Profile will then be successfully set.

7.To Unblock all features of Local bitcoin i.e. buying and selling of Bitcoin plus deposits and withdrawals you’ll be required to Verify your Account.

On the page that has opened choose Option 4 [ Verify your Account]

When you click on verify you’ll be see that Tier 0 is verified, next will be Tier 1 verification.

To be able to buy and sell Bitcoin you must Verify Tier 1 which involves

  • Filling in Tier 1 Form,
  • Address Validation- Enter your PO BOX, Postal code, City and Country
  • Identity Verification: Upload your Identity document and take selfie.

After full verification, you are now able to buy and sell Bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoins with Mpesa on LocalBitcoin.

Before buying bitcoins on Localbitcoin make sure that you check the following.

  1. Sellers Number of Trade and Feedback Score . Choose a seller that has 100+ trades and a feedback of 100%.

Green Light after the seller’s name means that the seller is online. When the light turns grey it means that the seller isn’t. If you need bitcoins urgently choose a seller who’s light is green

  1. Check the sellers Payment Method. If you’re looking to Buy bitcoins via Mpesa, select a seller that accepts Mpesa.
  2. Price/BTC Section. Choose the seller that has the lowest Price. In Localbitcoin the first seller on the list is always the cheapest seller.
  3. Limits. Check the range amount the seller is willing to sell.

After you’ve identified the appropriate seller, Click on their Buy Button.

A new page will open where you’ll enter the amount of bitcoin you want to buy. Enter the Amount in Ksh then click on Open trade.