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How to Buy Bitcoins in Kenya with Mpesa: Paxful Guide.

This article is a beginners guide on how to buy bitcoins in Kenya with Mpesa using a peer to peer platform Known as

To Buy bitcoins on Paxful you’ll need to have a fully verified Paxful account. So, we’ll first of all take you through Paxful’s Registration process, Paxful account verification then how to buy bitcoins using Mpesa as a Payment option.

Before we begin , make sure you have the below requirements needed for Paxful registration.

  • Identity Documents for KYC verification. Identity Documents can either be National ID or Kenyan Passport.
  • Valid Email Address
  • Working Phone Number

How to Register a Paxful Account in Kenya.

  1. Go to then click on create Account.

2. Create your Paxful Account by entering Your Email Address and Password.

3.Verify your email address by entering the code sent to your Email.

4.Verify your Phone number. Provide your phone number to complete the setup of your new Paxful account. A 6-digit code will be sent via SMS to verify your phone number.

After verifying your Phone number you’ll have successfully created a Paxful Account. The next step will be verifying your account.

How to verify Paxful Account in Kenya.

1.After you’ve logged in to your account, Click on the profile dropdown button then click on verify me.

2.Level 1 verification involves Email and Phone verification. We’ll do Level 2 verification which involves ID verification.

Select your issuing country as Kenya then select your ID type [ Kenyan ID or Kenyan Passport]

ID verification involves taking a photo of your ID or Passport then taking a selfie.

After Uploading your documents you should get a notification saying” Congratulations! Your ID document has been verified.

You’re Now ready to Buy your First Bitcoin on Paxful.

How to Buy Bitcoins in Kenya with Mpesa on Paxful.

It’s important to know that paxful offers many payment options such as Mpesa , Bank Transfers, Pesalink e.t.c.

For this article I’ll show you how to buy bitcoin using Mpesa.

1.Go to Paxful Home Page then select Buy Option, Choose Bitcoin. For the Payment option choose Mpesa then Enter the amount in Ksh you want to buy. Click Find Offers

2. A new page will open with all Buy Bitcoin With Mpesa Offers. Identify a good seller then click on their Buy Button.

3.On the next page enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy then click on buy now to initiate the trade.

4.On the page that opens is where you chat with your trade partner and exchange information needed to complete the trade.

5. Once you’ve paid make sure to click the paid button so that the bitcoins can’t be returned to the seller.[For Escrow Protection]

6.When the seller receives the payment they should release your bitcoins. Once the BTC has been released they should reflect in you Wallet.

You can also use LocalBitcoins to Buy Bitcoins in Kenya. Read the LocalBitcoin Buy Guide Below