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How to change category name in WordPress.

Do you need to rename categories on your WordPress site without affecting SEO ?
This article will show you how to rename categories properly in WordPress.

The 2 main questions that this guide will answer are

  • Can you rename a category in WordPress? The answer is Yes you can Rename categories in WordPress
  • How do I rename a category? Follow the step by step guide below on how to Rename WordPress categories.

How to Properly Rename Categories in WordPress Beginner’s Guide.

  1. While on your WordPress dashboard go to the posts and categories section to see all the
    categories that you have.

2. Hover over to the Category Name you want to change and click on Quick Edit.

3.Change the name here. You can also change the slug but we recommend that you try not to change the slug because that is your URL structure and if you do change the slug then you’ll have to set up a redirect so that nobody gets a 404 error when they’re trying to go to your site.

4.Once you’ve done that update the category and confirm to see if the category name has changed.

I hope this simple tutorial on how to change category name in WordPress helped you.