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How to Hide Subscriber Count on YouTube

Curious about how to hide your subscriber count on YouTube, but should you do this? Will it benefit your channel or hurt your channel?
This article will teach you how to hide your YouTube subscriber count.

Steps on how to Hide Subscriber Count on YouTube

  1. Go into your YouTube Studio.

You can use this link to go to YouTube Studio

Alternatively, if you are logged in to your YouTube, click on your profile in the Upper Top right corner, then select YouTube Studio from the Dropdown Menu.

2.Go to Settings.

Hit the settings button in the bottom left-hand corner,

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Automatically a new dialogue box will open. Select Channel.

     3. Go to Advanced settings.

Select the Advanced Settings option.

Once you’ve selected Advanced settings, scroll down just a little bit, and you’re going to see subscriber count with a check box saying.

Display the number of People Subscribed to my channel.

Yours is going to be checked, meaning the number of people

subscribed to your YouTube channel is visible.

If you want to hide this from the Public, all you have to do is go to that Setting and uncheck that box.

After unchecking, you will then hit Save.

If you go back to your channel and hit the refresh button, you will see that the subscriber count is now hidden.

Can I see My Subscriber Count if I have Hidden It from the Public?

Yes, you can still see how many subscribers you have.

Just go back into your YouTube Studio and then go to your Dashboard.

You will see your current number of subscribers, but this will be hidden from the Public.

Is it Good to Hide Subscribers on YouTube?

I recommend people to leave their subscriber count visible

because typically, when you find an excellent video on YouTube, with the channel having few subscribers, a lot of the comments are people saying,

“Hey, this video is amazing. You deserve so many more subs.”

I also think people like finding underrated or undiscovered YouTubers.

So I recommend keeping your YouTube subscriber count checks so people can see how many subscribers you have.

Should I hide my subscriber count on YouTube?

Honestly, when it comes down to it, I think there are two sides.

I think some people are scared that if they show their amount of subscribers and it’s really low when people watch their videos, they’re not going to want to subscribe just because they don’t have a lot of subscribers.

I don’t think this is true, I think people are going to subscribe no matter how many subscribers you have if your videos are good enough.

So don’t focus on the number of subscribers, and remember that people will hit that subscribe button based on if they enjoy your YouTube videos.

Will YouTube Punish Me for Hiding Subscriber Count?

You might be wondering if the YouTube algorithm punishes you or favors you

for having this subscriber feature turned on or off?

The answer is that it’s going to do neither of those things.You will not be punished for hiding subscriber count.