How to Know if Starlink is Available in your Area.

So, you’re wondering if Starlink is available in your Location. This article will be a simple guide for you to find out the availability of Starlink in your Area.

Step by Step Guide to Know if Starlink is available in your specific Location.

1. Go to the Starlink website at

2.In the Top Left corner you’ll see a Location Sign. Click on the Location sign

3.Clicking on the Google map drop pin will redirect you to the Starlink availability Map.

Starlink Availability Map

If it’s bright green then you’re able to place an order and use the service immediately in that location and if it’s dark green you can place an order but you’ll be put on hold until there’s either satellites placed overhead or additional satellites are placed overhead.

Areas that are black mean that Starlink is not Supported.

Starlink Availability Map

Alternatively you can simply use the Search Box in the bottom to search if your address has Stalink availability.

Starlink Available Countries.

Currently Starlink is available the Following countries

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • In Europe
  • In South America – Chile and Brazil

Note: If Starlink is in your country it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s available in your area. To know if Starlink is available in your Specific Location follow the guide below.

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