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Safaricom Home Fiber Packages and Prices.

Want to know how much is Safaricom Home Fiber? This article will break down for you the new Safaricom Home Fiber prices.

Safaricom Home Fiber prices discussed in this article are effective 1st March 2021 after Safaricom increased home Fiber Speeds.

Safaricom has 4 packages with the prices starting from as low as ksh 2,900 for 8 Mbps and the highest prices being ksh 11,999 for 100 Mbps.

Safaricom Home Fiber Package Prices.

This table will show you how much Safaricom Home Fiber costs

Bronze8 Mbps 2,900
Silver20 Mbps3,999
Gold40 Mbps5,999
Diamond100 Mbps11,999

Gold and Diamond packages will enjoy Secure Net Service in their package while Bronze and Silver Packages will get Secure net at Extra fee.