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Starlink Roaming Charges.

Starlink officially rolled out its Starlink Roaming services on 4th May 2022. Starlink customers received an email informing them that the Starlink portability option has been enabled but at an extra cost.

Starlink roaming/portability means that you can move with your Starlink to new locations within your continent, and Starlink will provide you with internet coverage.

However, you must make sure that the area you’re moving to is within Starlink Coverage. To see active coverage areas view this map Starlink Availability Map

How Much is Starlink Roaming.

Starlink roaming is an Add-on meaning that you will incur an extra charge if you enable the service.

Customers who activate Starlink roaming will be charged an additional $25 per month for the roaming service.

Standard Starlink charges are usually $99 per month.[ This is Starlink without Roaming Feature activated]

For Starlink + Roaming enabled you will be charged $124 per month.